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Analisis Prosedur Penyusunan Surat Menyurat Dalam Buku Agenda Pada Bagian Umum Di Satuan Kerja Non Vertikal (SNVT) Pemeliharaan Jalan Dan Jembatan Pro

ABSTRACT Letter management ? menyurat in an office is thing that momentously. Different correspondence management of one institution goes to other institution. To the effect researcher to know letter procedure ? menyurat that is engaged incoming letter and outward letter and for mengembang scholarship in letter area ? menyurat. Observational type that is utilized is descriptive observational type kualitatif. kualitatif's descriptive research is observational one figure, explain, announce and menganalisis is aught data exhaustively. To get theory and concept data that is engaged research object, therefore supported researcher with studi bibliography or looking for at library. This research utilize primary data and secondary data. Acquired primary data of direct interview with Sectioned Common At Unit Of Work Non Vertical (SNVT) Ways preserve And North Sumatra Province Bridge. Acquired secondary data of document ? document or archives ? archives. Data Collecting tech that done by researcher is: a. Interview is tech data collecting in methodics survey that utilize question word of mouth to observational subject. b. Studi Documents, done by analyzes document ? document and writing and source material ? other source that is engaged research. c. Bibliographical data is gathered data of book ? reference book and also literature what do be engaged research.


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